The Tools And Techniques For A Calm And Confident Birth

NormalBirthing Classes are flexible antenatal classes that not only teach hypnobirthing methods for making birth more relaxed and comfortable, but also give a sound understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the birthing process; explaining how and why the body is able to birth the way it does. The course prepares Mothers and their partners for a calm and natural birth, as well as explaining medical options that are available if required. With such knowledge, parents can be confident in the choices they make regarding their birth experience. Courses are taught through personal, individually tailored classes, and include The KGHypnobirthing Book and Relaxation CD, Parental Support Folder, *NEW* YesMum To Be cards, additional online resources, travel and refreshments where applicable, and ongoing support after the course has finished. Group classes start on the first Tuesday of every month and Weekend Workshops run approximately every 6 weeks. Private one to one classes are flexible to your needs and availability.

84% of Hypnobirthing Births were natural deliveries - compared to 64% of general births
12% of Hypnobirthing birth were assisted deliveries, compared to 26% of general births.
Just 5% of babies arrive on their given 'due date'. 62% arrive within a week of this date.
100% of parents who have attended NormalBirthing classes would recommend them to their friends.

Previous Clients’ Views

Jennie delivered a great course that I would highly recommend to anyone expecting a baby. We were expecting our second child and were unable to access midwife led birthing unit, as we were under consultant care, and this course gave us techniques and perspective to enable my husband and I to have the birthing experience we had been dreaming of. She delivers the course and ongoing support professionally, with appropriate humour and care. Thank you so much for helping our daughter have a relaxed entrance into the world xx

Sam – Second Time Mum


As a male you can feel pretty helpless during the pregnancy. This course really helped me connect to the pregnancy and know my role both pre and during birth. Your first child can be a scary prospect, but Jennie taught us both to really understand what the body is going through and techniques to relax. Due to this course, our birth was such a chilled experience and there were no surprises, at every stage of the labour we knew what was going on and what to expect next, but most importantly how to process it all calmly. A once sceptical man being truly honest, who now genuinely couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Thanks Jennie.

Edd – First Time Dad


I have been present at Hypnobirthing births and seen how in control the women are, and how also the partners are a lot calmer and able to help, and what a difference it really does make to the start of parenthood for them.

Emilie – Midwife


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